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Moonstone Construction & Development, Inc. provides Design Services for our clients who are not already working with an architect or would prefer the ease and accountability of a one-point-of-contact style. Whether you are considering a bathroom remodel or your dream custom home, we can provide professional and economical drawings, conduct the project with the highest quality standards and produce an outstanding finish.

If you are planning a project such as a remodel or addition of one or more rooms, Brad can help you assess the space in relationship to your goals and your budget. Every remodel and addition client is pleasantly surprised at how much the change improves the feel of the entire home. You will typically be presented with more than one design option and guidance on allowance items that will keep your project on

If you are planning to build your dream home, Brad will help to take your dreams, ideas and doodles and turn them into an architectural reality. Moonstone has designed and built homes from soil to roof in the Mountains, Cities and Plains of the Front Range for 24 years. We derive tremendous satisfaction from seeing a custom home through from design to beautiful completion.

Benefits of your General Contractor also being your designer:

arowIntimate understanding of the project and the designs as the creator.

arowCommunication is more efficient with fewer players.

arowOne Point-of-Contact for information and accountability.


Moonstone Construction draws from 20 years of experience in an extremely wide variety of building styles, design challenges, regulation translation and compliance. We are fully insured and licensed to perform all manner of Residential work including but not limited to Custom Home Building, Historic Restorations and Renovations, Additions, Remodels, Energy Efficient Upgrades, Solar Panel and other Green Building materials and techniques. In addition, we can create Mixed-Use structures encompassing Retail, Residential Housing and Commercial Space. We perform custom Tenant Finish work in Commercial and Retail spaces as well as remodeling multi-unit structures like apartment and condominium buildings.

Do you need to add a room for a new baby? How about a home office, guest room or home theater? Many people are deciding to transform the home they have rather than try and find an exact fit on the open market for a variety of very good reasons. Others are purchasing homes that offer better purchase values, leaving the option open for an investment in a dramatic improvement.

Has the opportunity arrived in your life to build the home you've been dreaming about? Victorian to Ultra-Modern, Extreme Green methodologies, challenging angles, intricate woodwork, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, elevators, miles of glass, reproduction of 125 year old trim moulding, rooftop decks, carraige houses, spas..we've done it and we love it.

Whatever your circumstance, Moonstone Construction & Development, Inc. can be your solution.

Green Building

Moonstone Construction & Development, Inc. has been doing business in Boulder County for 24 years. Boulder has one of the (if not the most) progressive "Green" environmentally consciencious building regulations in the entire United States. Qualifying for a General Contractor's license in Boulder County mandates that the Contractor be versed in and practice energy efficient building. Whether you live in Boulder or any other area, we can certainly provide the expertise you are searching for. Some clients wish to go above and beyond the current regulations and create Extreme Green homes including but not limited to zero waste, exclusively alternative energy resulting in off-the-grid living and other methodologies. Many of these technologies are new (or at least changed and improved) with regularity. We will work with you to help you make the best purchase decisions by researching the technologies and ratings thereof.

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